With energy prices rising by over 10% a year We are here to help you save money on your bills
With energy prices rising by over 10% a year We are here to help you save money on your bills 

About us

Cambridge Boilers serves a broad and growing area of England with boiler replacement and ongoing service and maintenance.


Founded in 2014 in Cambridge we aim to bridge the gap between the larger utilities who over rely on their energy purchasing customers to deliver poor value for money and local tradesman where quality and reliability is often hit and miss.  We have grown to installing up to 20 boilers per week.  


We aim to provide value for money across the whole range of boiler brands using top quality materials and experienced and accredited installers to deliver great service.


We only service and maintain boilers we install and to support the long warranties we can provide.


Our go to boiler partners are Viessmann and Alpha as they provide efficient, reliable product with excellent customer support.  We can however supply you with product from a full range of other manufacturers.  



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